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Cydney O’Sullivan

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Cydney O’Sullivan, co-founder of the Experts Success Network, is a passion speaker helping others thrive in their fields by clearing the bottlenecks to marketing and promotional success.
“My heart is pounding in my chest with all the ideas and possibilities this training is opening up to me. I am SO excited because I am in the middle of transforming my way of thinking, having massive realizations of how this new world of the market exists.” Camilla Thompson, Participant
For most of her career, Cydney has been a business ‘turn around’ expert. In her years as a business, real estate, and stock market investor she has earned millions. Along with her meteoric success, she also made some costly mistakes and these experiences motivated her to become a caring educator to others.

Her Experts Success Network shows how a mix of traditional sales and marketing can work hand in hand with the latest technologies to create powerful systems that foster exponential returns.
Cydney has written several best-selling books on turning value and service into millions, including Social Marketing Superstars, Social Media Mystery to Mastery in 30 Days, How to Be Wealthy NOW! 108 Fast Cash Solutions, Quantum Leap My Life, to name a few.
She has also created several training programs including ‘Rocket Your Sales™’, ‘Millionaires Academy™’, ‘Best Seller Success™’, ‘Expert Success Summit™’ and ‘Social Superstar Secrets’.

Speaking Topics

    • The Four Pillars of Experts Success – Position, Packaging, Promotion, Processes: these four pillars of success can transform your business from surviving to thriving. Learn more about these practical and highly effective steps to success.
    • Experts Success Million Dollar Formula – With their knowledge of the market, Cydney delivers the secrets behind the success of the most esteemed international speakers, trainers, coaches, and consultants.
    • How to Create A Fortune With A Book
    • Professional Speaker Presentations for High Conversions
    • Social Media Marketing Management & Strategy


Book Speakers for Any Budget +1 (702) 997 2229

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