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Derek and Kirrily Blomfield


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Derek and Kirrily Blomfield’s passion and vision for regenerative agriculture; of producing nourishing and healthy food from thriving, living and profitable family farms, is infectious and enlightening. Be uplifted by their journey from their dissatisfaction with conventional ways of producing food and managing farmland, to a regenerative approach that is good for the health of all, good for the farmer and good for the planet we live on.

The sustainability and innovation that they exhibit and their advocacy for agriculture has seen them recognised as the NSW Farmer of the Year 2014, Rising Stars of the Australian National Carbon Cocky Awards 2014 and Highly Commended Finalists for Innovation in Sustainable Farming Practices, Landcare Australia 2013. (Derek also claims to have won a 70m dash at a small school’s sports day, but there is no known record of this).

Branded as ‘The Conscious Farmer’, the Blomfields produce and market their own grassfed beef which is known for its sensational taste difference and health benefits. Kirrily writes ‘The Conscious Farmer’ blog with enthusiasm, sharing soil nurturing regenerative farming and grazing practices. While their work in farming has been well recognised and rewarded, their real passion comes from inspiring others to be their best. Their journey of building their business to where it is today has involved massive mindset change, the need to be brave and authentic and a shakeup of how they managed their business.

Kirrily and Derek’s genuine, down to earth authenticity and partnered presentations are a fresh and wholesome change from the traditional speaker. You will come away feeling nourished, with a new care for food and how it is produced, along with its connection to your own health. You may even be inspired to own your own farm! Their story of the importance of food producing systems that regenerate the landscape is compelling and highly important for biodiverstity, climate and for the success and resilience of our race on earth. They are caring and generous with their time and love to stay after presentations to speak with those who seek more.

Speaking Topics

Going against the grain in your field. Being in the minority and staying true to your course. Amongst a world of industrial agriculture, Kirrily and Derek choose a different path.

Think big, act big and inspire others along the way, for the greater good. Why do so many people play so small when that doesn’t serve them or their community?

Why we all need Regenerative Agriculture – Farmers and those that eat! Hear their journey of how they transformed their farm from conventional chemical agriculture, to one of healthy and diverse perennial pastures, where their cows are the tool to help improve and shape the landscape, as well as the healthy bi-product of this management.

Being authentic in business. Making Conscious Choices. Be brave and build brand loyalty. In a world of prescriptive sales advice, how do we build trust and be authentic? Why this is so important and what does this mean for your business?

Get to know your farmer again. It’s time to reconnect with the people putting wholesome food on your table! Has society lost its way with how to nourish us and our livestock for health? If we want to choose food that nourishes us into the future, it’s time to support those producing it well!


“Derek and Kirrily’s story and enthusiasm for people and sustainability comes direct from the heart, with great wisdom shared in a stimulating and transformational manner.” “It was truly amazing to see the instant change in the attitudes and motivation levels of my peers”.

– Josh Gilbert – NSW Farmers’ Young Farmer Council Chair and podcaster of ‘Tractor Talks’.


Book Speakers for Any Budget +1 (702) 997 2229

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