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Doris Muna

Personal Motivational Quote: 

Find your passion, authenticity and destiny; align your mind, body and spirit

Motivational speaker Doris Muna’s passion is helping others find increased clarity, joy, fulfillment and lasting financial freedom. A third-generation healer, Doris is also a medical intuitive, international teacher, clairvoyant, retreat leader, feng shui consultant, founder of Dorothea Healing flower essences and author of The Triangle of Health: Discover Your Healing Journey.

Doris achieves excellent results by identifying subconscious, self-limiting beliefs; addressing individual challenges; and suggesting lifestyle modifications. Whether her clients are experiencing physical pain, emotional blockages or are in need of spiritual guidance, Doris possesses an innate ability to help, heal and create a total transformation.

A member of the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association of America, Doris uses a combination of three methods of energy healing: the meridian system, the chakra system and flower essences. The natural-remedy products she has created are the result of a longtime love of the flower and plant kingdom. Not only does she use these essences in her practice, but she also teaches workshops on their application. She has studied horticulture, floral design and aromatherapy— including the use of essential oils.

An animal lover, Doris works with pets as an animal communicator and healer. Using her ability to understand dogs, cats, birds and horses, she helps owners to empathize with their pets’ behavioral patters and make positive changes. Doris solves animals’ physical and emotional challenges through communication and the application of energy healing.

Doris offers more than 20 years of experience, and has travelled the world studying with masters from a variety of cultures and approaches to wellness. She meets with clients at her center in Camarillo, California, and also makes her services available by telephone. Through her many speaking engagements, Doris continues her mission of helping the soul finds its purpose. (288 words)

Alternate last line: Through her many speaking engagements, Doris continues her mission of helping others find their purpose by breaking old habits, eliminating pain and transforming their everyday lives. (298 words)

Speaking Topics (some but not limited to):

1. The Energy of Abundance: Health, Wealth and Prosperity

2. What Is Your Wish List? Attracting the Life You Want

3. Be Aligned with Your Life’s Purpose

4. Staying Positive and Grounded Despite Turmoil

5. Change: How to Do It and Remain Sane!

6. How your physical body mirrors the resistance to flow

Endorsements and Testimonials:

“I have had the luxury of hearing Doris speak at many events as well as attending her powerful retreat! Doris changed how I thought about overall health and well-being and has been a great influence on my life— from health to wealth. She has an incredible gift and will help her attendees not only relax but also focus on their true essence. Whenever I am in a room with her at a retreat or at an event, I always leave having had powerful ‘aha’ moments as I am reconnected to my purpose and my calling.”

—Ursula Mentjes
Award-winning entrepreneur, speaker and author

“I have been to two of your seminars and they were fantastic. The content was everything I expected. The way you pulled everyone together was amazing. You were able to keep a group of ladies on task— not always easy to do. The supporting information tied everything together. I came out of each program getting what I had intended and continuing my growth. Thank you for being wonderful.”

—Janet Steiner
President, Thoro Packaging

“Doris Muna is one of those rare, powerful speakers who can transform an audience with great compassion and humor. She sends us dancing towards our authentic selves.”

— Diane de Mailly
Founder and President
DDM Metering Systems Inc.

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Doris Muna

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