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Eric Pace

Eric Pace is known as The High Performance Thinking Coach.  He has been researching personal and professional success strategies for over 25 years.  He is a trusted confidant and advisor to business and community leaders and is known for helping executives and professionals transition to the next level of leadership.

Eric holds multiple qualifications including a Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Education in Adult Education, and a Master of Education. He is also qualified as trainer and a master practitioner of NLP, Time Line TherapyTM, Hypnosis and is also a qualified life and business coach.

Eric has a wide range of practical, real world experience which he uses to relate with his audience at all levels.  Starting life as an apprentice railway electrician, Eric has built his career to becoming a Consultant Engineer, small business owner, and VET trainer and is now leveraging that knowledge to helping other professionals evolve their own careers and results.

Eric’s first book An Introduction to High Performance Thinking is available as a free download at

Eric’s primary expertise is creating lively, engaging educational experiences that don’t simply teach but rather infuse new knowledge and skills to allow participants to expand their possibility awareness and implement real practical strategies and techniques that will evolve their capacity for success and results.

As proof of Eric’s abilities to create results, Eric has been chosen to develop Leadership Training Programs for a 5,000 member strong Not-For-Profit organisation for four out of the last six years.

Though most people Eric’s age are starting to make plans for settling  into a comfortable retirement, Eric has gone the other way and decided it’s time to start a completely new career path. He has recently launched his new product the High Performance Thinking Workshop.

The High Performance Thinking Workshop  is a one of a kind two-day educational experience. It is the culmination of over 25 years of personal research into achieving personal and professional success and self-actualisation.

The workshop is designed around proven accelerated learning methodologies through which participants begin to master powerful cognitive strategies and practical action-oriented frameworks that are grounded in modern mainstream disciplines such as; business theory, psychology, philosophy, sociology and education theory.  These are coupled with a consolidation of the works of leaders in the field of the success mindset such as Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins and many more.

The core material participants learn in the High Performance Thinking Workshop will have a profound positive effect on all of their professional and personal interactions.

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Book Speakers for Any Budget +1 (702) 997 2229

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