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Glenn Korn


Glenn Korn, also known as “The Coach,” is the Founder and Managing Director of Korn Corp Consulting, a results-based financial consulting company. Glenn has spent the last 25 years working with numerous clients in more than 57 industries nation-wide. Glenn has dealt with almost every imaginable investment, superannuation, and retirement challenge with an uncanny ability to increase his clients’ wealth by uncovering hidden strategies and undervalued possibilities. He has realised that while most financial industries only employ one particular research approach there are many more effective and profitable strategies available.

Glenn shows his clients how to take different investment concepts from different strategies and adapt them to their specific investment situation. His energy and vision has earned him the reputation as one of Australia’s most trusted financial planners. His clients range from retirees, investors, and small business owners to CEOS, pre-eminent fund managers, and corporations but all his clients have one thing in common — virtually all have profited from his expertise. Glenn is credited by a number of clients for facilitating profit increases in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. He has been instrumental in raising investment performance even while working within adverse financial environments, such as the recent worldwide global financial crisis.

Financial coaching is different.

It focuses on your education, growth and your decision process so that you master wealth building skills. Our unique coaching business model is all about helping you build wealth in the first place. You remain in control by learning how to manage your money smarter and make better informed investment decisions.

The difference between financial advice and financial coaching, is that financial coaching still pays attention to wealth creation and retirement planning side of the business, it is just approached in a different way.

In financial coaching, the focus is more on education, information strategies and risk management so that you can make your own, independent investment decisions.

Your personal financial coach will never provide a specific asset allocation recommendation, but your coach will educate you about the details you need to know about asset allocation so that you can independently make an appropriate decision for yourself.

In summary, a personal financial coach always focuses on you, your education and the decision process as well as overcoming any obstacles that are keeping you from reaching your financial goals.

Traditional financial advice has failed to some extent, and the statistics prove it.

Financial coaching has developed for one main reason, because it is necessary.

According to The Retirement Planning Association, more than 97% of people not only lost money in their personal wealth and retirement funds in the recent Global Financial Crisis, but are also failing to retire with financial security. Another leading group, The SMSF Association came to almost same identical conclusions.

According to the same research, Australia’s personal savings rate had declined to around only 1% and was at the lowest rate since the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

If traditional financial advice was adequate then these statistics wouldn’t exist, but they do. These facts are undeniable.

People are getting left behind by a financial system that is complex and changing rapidly.

Traditional financial advice has not satisfied people’s needs to make smart decisions and the results prove it. A new alternative is required, and that alternative is financial coaching.

The financial advice system has been built on a business model that profits from the wealth that people have already accumulated. The problem is that’s not what most people seeking to build wealth and plan for their future retirement need. Most people want help and assistance in accumulating the wealth in the first place.

“It was through a personal recommendation by a family friend in 2002 that was when we first listed the services of Glenn Korn. Since then I have received exceptional service and must say that all communication with Glenn has been prompt, efficient and courteous. We were hesitant at first because previous experience with other financial advisers had led to unfortunate decisions. Being a small investor and recent retiree, I needed someone honest and reliable. To date I have found Glenn to be suited to all of my financial needs of the future. We would gladly recommend Glenn Korn to anyone else looking for financial security and the best return on their investments.”

Trevor Rowlands – Forster Keys, NSW


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