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Janni Goss

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Janni Goss is an acclaimed speaker, wellbeing educator and author, affectionately known as ‘The Laughter Lady’ since 2001. She is passionate about sharing her expertise to help both adults and children outsmart stress to enhance their health and wellbeing. We can learn to deal effectively with stress, avoid the consequences of chronic stress and limit chronic diseases and accelerated ageing.

As a result of her life experiences, Janni has studied and taught stress reduction strategies to thousands of adults at conferences, seminars and health and education events. The benefits of Laughter and Laughter Yoga are well-researched and can contribute to healthy longevity.

Janni shares multiple strategies for choosing and enjoying a healthy lifestyle in her presentations, which are inspiring, interactive, informative and fun. She is also the creator of the JelliTimeTM game and author of the Nurturing Kids Kit, designed specifically to help children learn relaxation and self-regulation skills to promote resilience and wellbeing. JelliTimeTM and the Nurturing Kids Kit have been featured on television, and JelliTimeTM has been used by parents, carers and teachers for over 30 years.

Janni has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physio) and is qualified as a Feldenkrais practitioner. Inspired by Dr Patch Adams, she then became an internationally accredited Laughter Yoga Leader, Teacher and Ambassador. Janni was personally trained by Dr Madan Kataria, the Founder of Laughter Yoga International. She is the Advisor for Ageing and Disability for the National Council of Women Western Australia and has a particular interest in promoting healthy longevity.

Presentation Topics

  • Is Laughter the Best Medicine?
  • Laughter as Therapy
  • Wellbeing 101
  • Love Laughter and Longevity
  • Outsmart Stress for Workplace Wellbeing
  • The Art and Science of Wellbeing
  • Laughter Yoga Training
  • Nurturing Kids – JelliTimeTM


Book Speakers for Any Budget +1 (702) 997 2229

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