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Kathleen Mazzella



Kath is an author, multiple awards recipient, not afraid to use her voice, revolutionizing positive perceptions of Gynaecological Health – the last frontier.

Kath’s Topics

• Opens up taboo conversations with a fun, creative, non-threatening approach, breaking down the walls of silence to reveal why it is important to know your body.

• Exposing ripple effects upon men and families with compassion and empathy.

‘War is too important to be left to the generals.’ It could also be said ‘health is too important to be left to the professionals, but people like Kath who are willing to share the information acquired the hard way, from first-hand experience rather than college texts, are also worth listening to. They make public what most of us wouldn’t be brave enough to expose, for the betterment for others.” Karen Treanor

Kath Mazzella OAM is a Gynaecological Cancer survivor, recipient of 12 awards, international advocate, author, speaker, offers a unique, dynamic voice breaking down barriers and stigmas, building greater relationships with men and women.

With fifteen years of speaking the community, professionals and work-place by engaging audiences with her vivid visual aids demystifying taboos. Told she was ‘six years before her time’, Kath gathered courage and pressed on, earning for herself a reputation for being ‘small, but packing a mighty punch’ with her “Undies for Better Understanding” campaign she is creating quite substantial interest.

“I am amazed, and slightly embarrassed at the limited knowledge I had about Gyn health…which is often glanced over all too briefly, particularly by younger women.” – Girl Guide Leader


Book Speakers for Any Budget +1 (702) 997 2229

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