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Kim Lambert



Kim Lambert is a Speaker, Photographer, Writing and Publishing Coach, a Travel Writer and a 7 times Amazon best-selling author, with more than 10 books published to date. She is the owner of a publishing company which publishes books for a variety of authors, and also works with other large publishing companies to enhance and update their current catalogues for digital book delivery. She is a writing and publishing coach and Managing Editor of the Magazine Life Change – the Revolution.

Kim has a rich and varied business experience, over 40 years, from retail to small business, to government and large corporate, with many years of experience in IT, publishing, management, business architecture and staff development.

After the death of her parents, she chose to further develop her business to help others bring their inspirational and life-changing stories, skills and ideas, to the world, through books, and other mediums which let their words reach out to others.

She speaks on topics such as Business Communication, Management by Mentoring, Business Optimization, Why Words Matter, Writing Inspirational Books and Why Business Owners Should be Authors.

Books Authored:

Amazon Author page :

Coming Soon:   “How to Write, Right Now – You CAN Write Your Book Faster and Easier Than You Ever Imagined”

Business Strategy: 12 Steps to Business Sanity: What YOU Need to Know NOW to Optimize Your Profits and Your Time, Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back Too!

The Photographer’s Quick Guide to Earning Money From Your Photos

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How To Bake the Best Delicious Christmas Cupcakes and Muffins — In Your Kitchen


Book Speakers for Any Budget +1 (702) 997 2229

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