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Lee Romanov

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Lee Romanov is founder and president of Income, a unique online income generator, and she’s one of Canada’s top internet marketers and consumer advocate.

She was the founder of, a worldwide Service providing rate comparisons for car, home, life and commercial insurance. was recently purchased by TorStar, one Canada’s largest media conglomerates.

Lee is North America’s most recognized experts in Authority websites. She reports ‘Your Opinion Has a Market Value…and you can make money from it, without selling a thing,” and has made millions of dollars online doing this since 1994.

Romanov is a regular contributor to newspapers, and has appeared on numerous TV and radio outlets, including CNN, FOX, CBC, BBC, Global TV, CTV, CFRB and CityTV and has produced and hosted prime time Talk TV show on CP24, in Toronto, for four years.

Lee’s book, ‘Car Carma; When Bad Things Happen to Good Drivers…Blame Their Astrological Sign’, compared 100,000 drivers’ tickets and accidents to their astrological sign. The book went viral with over 1 million visitors a day. Car Carma was featured in hundreds of publications, including Reader’s Digest.

In 2010 Lee launched, a website platform that allows people to get their greatest message out to the world, while making money from it.

Lee’s book Get RICH… By Telling People Were To Go, provides readers with the simple process of how to make good recommendations to your visitor traffic, while being paid for it.

She began online by telling people which insurance companies had the lowest insurance rates, and the insurance companies paid her $5 per lead. Those $5 leads turned into millions of dollars.

Those are only a few of her accomplishments. Lee Romanov, whose life is a testament to turning ideas into reality, taking risks, and reaping the rewards, is most interested in sharing her knowledge and experience to millions of people so they can succeed as well.

Business and Professional Qualifications

– Founder and president of

– Founder and president of

– Columnist for the Toronto Star Newspaper

– Columnist of the Globe And Mail Newspaper

– CP24 Talk TV Show Host & Producer

– Certified SEO Expert

A Partial List of Cients

Pat Foran, CTV News

Ellen Roseman, Toronto Star Columnist

Medical Compassion Clinic

Motivational Speakers International

Alternative Cancer Studies

Bight Petroleum

TOP 10 Online Revenue Models

Lee reveals the Top 10 Revenue Models, and outlines which are the easiest to set up, and which ones generate the most revenue.

Make Money While Writing Your Book

Only 1% of your traffic may buy your book, whereas up to 40% of your visitor traffic can make you money from the actions they do on your website. Lee shows you how to build visitor traffic, and generate revenue while you’re writing your book.

Become A Global Authority

Audiences will learn how they can create an online income from the knowledge and experience they have right now. Lee’s presentation inspires people to share their ‘inner genius’ with the world, and make money without having to sell anything to anyone.

Income Activator’s Website Platform

Lee understands that to have a successful online business you need 2 things:

1. Control: You need to have a website you control, and you can have it even if you’re a one finger typist.

2. Revenue Streams: You need to have revenue streams on your website. Lee reveals the easiest and fastest revenue streams you can launch that are not dependent on selling something to your visitor traffic.

What Clients Are Saying

“Thanks for the great presentation yesterday! I am inspired, excited, and eager to get started!” Sheryl, California

“Lee your presentation was great! It was just what I was looking for.” Nick Clarke, California

“Thank you very much for your SCORE presentation. I did not know what to expect and I got the world!” Ruben, Toronto


Book Speakers for Any Budget +1 (702) 997 2229

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