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Lisa Robinson

” We live in the best country in the world – designed for you to become wealthy. But only 3% of Australians reach financial freedom! Most are too “busy” to look at their possibilities and are caught in the cycle of matching their income to their expenses. Break out of the hypnosis of doing what everyone else does. Give yourself permission to become as wealthy as you wish.”

Lisa Camille is a commanding Speaker who creates a safe space for people to look at their relationship with money with compassion and courage. She conveys incredible wisdom from her life experience and having helped people work through areas of challenge around money to make new decisions. She also teaches effective tools that create clarity and movement towards financial goals.

She perhaps comes from a place where no other speaker on this topic dares: not from having amassed a fortune, but from being on the journey moving towards her own financial dreams, finding her peace with where she is at and helping others along their paths with powerful strategies. In her talks she shares her experiences of having had dreams, marched towards them, failed or succeeded, let go them go, re-calibrated, created a new vision and repeated. Along the way, she also learned from the best experts in personal growth and wealth creation, such as Julio De Laffitte, the founder of JDL Strategies, Dr. John DeMartini, Byron Katie and Joanne Van Ravennswaaji.

“There is creative tension between the life you are living and the life you want to live. The trick to enjoying the journey from ‘A’ to ‘B’, that I love sharing as a Speaker, is the dance of balance: walking towards your goals and appreciating your current position, all while keeping the momentum of hope, faith and action. This is one of the beautiful rhythms of life that people often don’t allow themselves to move to.”

She is a master of the craft of inviting people to this dance, by engaging them in exciting new perspectives about their own lives and their financial position… And, if they are ready, she shares a system that gets them quicker to their point ‘B’.

As a Presenter for JDL Strategies, Lisa Camille works with a national company that for 20 years has been helping people get clear on what they can do to get ahead financially…. and then, they get it done. The JDL Group of Companies has expertise in all the key areas of wealth creation: Property Research and Acquisition, Finance, Financial Planning, Accounting, Financial Planning and Property Management. As a Senior Client Manager, she activates this expertise to implement a long-term wealth creation plan for her clients, which includes getting out of personal debt, paying less tax, and acquiring a solid portfolio of income-producing assets.

Her mission is to help as many people as possible take advantage of Australia, experience abundance and possibility around money and have the choice of whether or not they want to work. Therefore, as a Transformational Speaker, Lisa Camille is particularly effective because she works on 2 levels:  mind-set and practical expertise-backed action, a combination that produces real change.

Lisa Camille is an engaging Speaker, especially suited for groups of young ambitious professionals.  She also speaks particularly to challenges women face with money, and finds a powerful resonance speaking to female audiences. As a young female professional herself, her warm, effervescent energy and humor enable her to connect easily and make essential conversations about life and money memorable.


Book Speakers for Any Budget +1 (702) 997 2229

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