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Michael Alexander

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Expert in: Speaker, teacher, speech coach, expert witness, energy economist.

Uses ‘Free-Range Thinking’ to simplify the complex

Free Range thinking is a change in paradigm. Instead of seeing the problem, you begin to see solutions through the use of creative analogies and by taking a broader approach.

For more than 25 years, Michael Alexander has been helping to solve problems using the techniques heused as an expert witness to successfully explain energy economics for leading edge companies. He hasshared his knowledge and techniques as a speaker, teacher and professional witness coach through hundreds of speeches that both educate and entertain.

Born into a theatrical family, the son of the inventor of the bar code, he has a well-rounded education and is a highly skilled economist for whom free-thinking and problem solving comes naturally.

The premise of Michael’s work is that while most people believe that for the best results, one must think “outside the box,” Michael is able to work through the problem inside and outside the box and apply his ‘free-range’ no-nonsense approach to any situation. He can simplify and explain the most complex subjects to audiences whose knowledge runs from little to expertise. His ‘free-range thinking” approach is the foundation for solving problems.

He has mastered techniques that can help you solve problems and provide you with the skills and tools to communicate the outcome easily and effectively. His techniques can help achieve excellent results both in the workplace and at home.

His clients include inventors, development teams, expert witnesses, teachers, managers, and even parents, who have benefited from his talks and private coaching sessions.

As an expert witness in dozens of court cases, he has helped win favorable judgments, demonstrating his uncanny ability to reduce complex ideas to their basic principles that results in better understanding and creates trust.

Michael’s keynote speeches cover a variety of topics related to problem solving, clear communication and revolutionary thinking. His talks are interactive, engaging and his system is easy to apply.


Professional Qualifications:

Graduate of Cornell University (B.A.), Washington University (M.A.) and the University of Minnesota (Ph.D.)


Teaching and professor positions

  • Washington University
  • Babson College
  • Bently College
  • Roosevelt University
  • Walden University
  • Public speaking coach for the award winning Montery Highlands Middle School
  • Public speaking tutor for FBLA ( Future Business Leaders of America)
  • Member of Toastmasters International



  • Speaking
  • Expert witness coaching
  • Speech coaching
  • Mediation
  • Master of ceremony


Employer and Client list

  • Southern California Edison
  • Minnesota Department of Public Service
  • Boston Edison
  • Northern Trust Bank
  • Panda Learning Center (Panda Resteraunt Group)
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Toastmasters’ Founder’s District


What clients say

“Michael’s speech was both a mind-opener and a heart-opener to me. He helped me understand the things that are important to me in ways I never would have without his help.” Rev. Daniel Huston

“I know many people who love to talk and many of them have interesting things to say, but Michael takes a moment to pause, collect his thoughts so he can deliver his best message. As a result, unlike others, the audience has a better understanding of his message and the reasons behind it.” Glenn Yasukochi, Investment Councilor

“I had the fortune of observing Mike work with witnesses on a mock trial competition. It takes a unique aptitude to absorb complicated material and testify as a witness. Mike’s exceptional talent is his ability to transcend that skillset and teach others to provide succinct and effective testimony in a courtroom setting.” Jeff Renzi, Attorney

“I have known Dr. Michael Alexander more than twenty years, and have attended more than a dozen of his presentations. Dr. Alexander is always concise, and is able to make the most difficult problems clear. Besides being one of the world’s foremost experts on the economics of energy, he is also a great storyteller and showman.” Stuart Goldbarg, Author of A SELF MADE MAN, Bootleggers on Ice, and The Good Scouts, The Treasure of the Copper Scroll

“Michael has been my mentor since my Toastmaster days. He has taught me how to come out of my shell and become a confident public speaker. He has helped me develop into a good leader which helped me in my professional role as a Team Lead.” Chandrasekhar Kiron Molleti, Former Toastmaster’s Area Governor


Book Speakers for Any Budget +1 (702) 997 2229

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