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Mila Vujinovic

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With degrees in Electrical Engineering and Business Management, Mila opened an import/export clothing company in her native country of Serbia at the age of 23.  Handling the management of the business, she gained insight and experience in marketing and business as the company flourished. 

After 15 years of success with the company, Serbia suffered its worst recession, and Mila decided to reassess her options for the sake of her growing family.  A trip to Australia inspired Mila to pursue her dreams to the ends of the earth.  With extraordinary determination and courage, Mila moved to Australia as a single mother, learned English, and with astounding ingenuity and hard work, achieved great success in her new home as a financial and sales consultant. 

Mila went on to become the top sales consultant in Australia with Craftmatic Pty Ltd., and won the FACE Award in 2004.  She eventually went on to found her own financial consultation company with the inspiration of such mentors as Anthony Robins, Tom Hopkins, and Cherrie Barber.

Guided by her personal challenges and triumphs, Mila is a charismatic and motivational speaker who now wishes to share wisdom from her experience with others in similar circumstances.

“My aspiration is to make sure that my children and other women have the ability to prevent any financial stress, to equip my children and other single mothers with the security and financial freedom they deserve.”

“Profit aside, what is more heart-warming about Mila is her background and her strong sense of family. Raising children solely whilst juggling a career is not an easy task and she has sacrificed a lot of herself to raise the fine young adults that her children are today. But she has done all of this with a happy disposition and a positive attitude despite the curve balls that life sometimes throws at you. What is evident about her is her strong sense of loyalty, be it personal or business and it will be this strong quality of hers that continues to make her someone you want to do deal with, time after time.”

  • Cherie Barber



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