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Robby Foldvari

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Robby Foldvari is a world renowned authority on billiard sports culminating in three World Championships. He is known for his will to win and his transferring of fundamental skills to different disciplines of the game to the highest level. Robby’s formula of transferring skills has also been successful in his other pursuits such as Business Management, Coaching and Teaching. All of this has led Foldvari to an amalgam of a unique achievements highlighted by the fact he has competed in more classes of world championships than any other player.

His philosophy on teaching and learning transcends sport to all walks of life and he shares the stories and strategies of his experiences of travelling for over 30 years and performing in dozens of countries as a public speaker, player, trick shot entertainer and coach.
From hard work and core methods RF has lived a unique journey from AFL want to be, to degrees in Economics and Teaching, to BHP Accountant , to Professional Sportsman, world traveller, corporate entertainer, television commentator and product developer.

Robby Foldvari went from playing on an outdoor homemade billiard table to inside the family garage where his family installed a full size table. In the makeshift billiard room/garage, he sometimes trained alone up to 6 hours per day. In the summer days, under a hot tin roof, the heat was often 100 + degree while in the winter his feet sometimes squelched around on the wet carpet scraps due to a leaking garage, to begin his dream of becoming world champion. Along the way there were many detours pursuing new skills, finding new homes, leaving friends and family for the other side of the world.

Using self talk: visualisation; organisational lists and charts, continually reviewing goals transformed Foldvari from a player of limited talent to a player who many people have regarded as the world’s best combined billiards and snooker player, having been the highest world ranked player concurrently on both tours. Foldvari is triple world champion who has won tournaments worldwide and performed all over the world.. He has performed on National and International Television, sometimes with a viewing audience in the tens of millions.

Some of the topics Robby can present are;

    • Maximising Potential, It’s not enough to have talent
    • Learning New Skills, You can’t stand still, it’s either backwards or forwards
    • Learning from mistakes, Bouncing Back from oblivion
    • How to make the toughest days easier, the answer passion, find the place of mind
    • The winning formula, use the acronym ADMIRED to reach your destinations


Book Speakers for Any Budget +1 (702) 997 2229

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